Design for Staff Wellbeing

As designers we often highlight the importance of positive spatial experiences for patients, and the need to create environments which reduce stress and improve patient satisfaction. Meanwhile, staff spaces are often designed for efficiency, travel distances, infection control and logistics. Clearly, we need to go beyond physical safety in occupational environments to support holistic staff wellbeing.

An overview of pandemic responses: Australia and international

A brief literature review of resources that discuss infrastructure responses to Covid-19.

Changeability inside hospitals

Part 2 of Harm Hollander’s thoughts on enhancing the changeability of hospital infrastructure

Innovation in healthcare: are we taking it too far?

How far should we allow technology

Healthcare Facility Design Responses to COVID-19 – Some Useful Resources

Some useful resources for designers and others, with practical applications for addressing COVID-19 in the design of healthcare facilities.

Novell Redesign Project

The demonstration project of NOVELL Redesign is exploring rehabilitation spaces for people with brain injury, especially stroke, because as a group, we know a lot about this aspect of healthcare.

Healthcare responses to the challenge of a pandemic

From Admission to Discharge: Designing Biophilic, Salutogenic and Eudemonic Hospital Spaces in a Post-pandemic World Professor Evonne Miller, Dr Lindy Burton and I took part in an online webinar that was put together by the European Union Health Property Network on 4 September 2020. The theme of the session was: Relocate, Repurpose, Reorganize – TheContinue reading “Healthcare responses to the challenge of a pandemic”

Healthcare Designers and Research

I recently peer-reviewed an academic paper that explored how well architects and other designers understand and value ‘research’. The author also looked at the degree to which architects engage in or initiate research studies, and then apply original findings to their projects. Reading this paper led me to reflect on how architects define research, andContinue reading “Healthcare Designers and Research”

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