What is the focus of this blog?

By Jane Repin Carthey

Jane Repin Carthey

Jane Repin Carthey is an architect, researcher and most recently a blogger. Her most recent experience on healthcare projects includes the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, Christchurch Hospital New ASB in New Zealand and the Westmead Project in NSW. Jane is the founder of the Australian Health Design Council which she established to share knowledge with all those interested in healthcare design. She has recently completed a Doctorate program in Creative Industries at QUT. Her research looked at how to improve the user group process for Australian and New Zealand healthcare projects.

ORCID 0000-0002-6749-6026

The Australian Health Design Council promotes the use of evidence-based healthcare design. We also believe that we need to support the development of, and then to share widely the research that provides this evidence especially when it comes from academic and similar expert sources. We want to share rigorous, practical and useful research findings that can be applied to improve the design of our healthcare facilities.

Let us know if you can help us discover this and alert us to interesting research projects being conducted especially in Australia and New Zealand. Also, if you are working on a research project that may interest our members please drop us a line so that we can work with you to promote your work by inviting you to post on this blog. We look forward to hearing from you.

Published by Jane Repin Carthey

First-time blogger, founder of the Australian Health Design Council, health architect, academic, evidence-based design practitioner and advocate.

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