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Since it’s foundation in 2012, the Australian Health Design Council (AHDC) has been committed to creating and sharing knowledge about the design of healthcare facilities with all who are interested in developing the best possible health buildings for the Australian community.

We invite you to follow this research-focused blog, and to contribute your knowledge and expertise to its ongoing development. Please distribute it to those interested in our goals and objectives. If you are interested in contributing to this blog, please go to the Submissions page.

AHDC is a non-government organisation of professionals involved and interested in high quality design of health facilities. It is the conduit between knowledge providers and users in Australian health design. We also have a well-established program of regular events for our members sharing health design innovations, evidence and experience. These events are available to members in all locations in Australia and proudly sponsored by industry partners. Visit the website to become a member or for more information.

Please note that the opinions or information in this blog do not represent the official views of the Editor, the Australian Health Design Council or any of its members. By using any information in this blog, you accept that doing so is at your own risk.

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Design for Staff Wellbeing

As designers we often highlight the importance of positive spatial experiences for patients, and the need to create environments which reduce stress and improve patient satisfaction. Meanwhile, staff spaces are often designed for efficiency, travel distances, infection control and logistics. Clearly, we need to go beyond physical safety in occupational environments to support holistic staff wellbeing.

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